Norton V4CR 588 Special Edition

Celebrating Success: Norton Motorcycles V4CR 588 LE

There’s no denying that Norton Motorcycles has had a troubled past. From insolvencies to multiple ownership changes, and who can forget Stuart Garner’s recent appalling management of the brand? But thankfully, things are finally starting to look up for the iconic British marque.

Norton is now nestled snuggly under the wing of Indian automotive giant TVS Motor Company and its future is finally looking bright. After acquiring the Norton brand TVS has dedicated itself to securing its future with a substantial cash injection. Along with the financial backing, TVS has also promised to honor the Norton name with their future endeavors and they’re proving the point by celebrating Norton’s 125th Anniversary in style.

Norton V4CR 588 Special Edition

Since its formation in 1898 Norton Motorcycles has achieved a lot that’s worth remembering. As Norton’s latest marketing team so eloquently puts it, “You don’t win eight World Championships, 94 TTs, and countless ‘Bike of the Year’ accolades without pushing the boundaries.” Norton’s history includes many influential manufacturing feats and a slew of impressive models that shook up the global motorcycling industry.

In recognition of this, TVS will be honoring some of Norton’s greatest accomplishments with the release of a limited edition series of 125th Anniversary models in 2024. Amongst them you’ll find this bike, the Norton V4CR 588.


The V4CR 588 is based on the new V4 Cafe Racer, Norton’s naked variant of their fully-faired V4SV superbike. Described as a “modern incarnation of the past”, the V4CR merges classic styling with premium performance components and modern tech.

Hand built at Norton’s new HQ in Solihull, each V4CR is powered by a 1200cc V4 engine producing an ample 185bhp and 125Nm of torque. Power is delivered to the rear end by a 6-speed gearbox and the bike comes standard with a quick shifter. Air is drawn into the V4 by exposed air intakes alongside the front of the fuel tank while exhaust gases get expelled via a titanium exhaust system. Weight is a claimed 204kg which is made possible through ample use of aerospace-grade aluminium and carbon fibre.

Norton V4CR 588 Special Edition

A full-color 6-inch digital dashboard relays performance, trip, and general function information back to the rider. You have the option of 3 different engine modes of wet, road, and sport and there’s lean-angle sensitive traction control, front and rear ABS, and wheelie control.

To complement the engine Norton has included a premium brake and suspension package. Stopping power is provided by Brembo with twin 330mm floating discs and radially mounted calipers at the front and a single 245mm disc at the rear. The suspension uses a 43mm set of Öhlins NIX30 forks and there’s a specially designed Öhlins TTXGP monoshock in the rear. Rounding out the package is a matching Öhlins steering damper that helps keep the front end in check.

According to Norton the V4CR tubular and machine aluminium hand-welded frame was developed on the Isle of Man TT course. Following suit both the swingarm and yokes have been machined from solid aluminium too. Topping it all off, the chassis offers rake, steering offset, and swingarm pivot adjustability.

The V4CR bodywork is a comprehensive carbon fiber affair. Everything from the fuel tank to the tail unit, side covers, fenders, and belly pan is carbon and they’ve been designed compactly to keep weight to a minimum and the overall look of the V4CR compact.

The 558 edition of the V4CR is a hommage to Norton’s racing successes during the 80s and 90s in road racing events and at the hallowed Isle of Man TT. Based on the livery of the works racing RCW588 this bike is finished in black livery with wide blue speed stripes. The 125-unit limited edition Norton V4CR 588 also wears gold pinstriping and gold anodized OZ Racing forged wheels as a hat tip to John Players’ sponsorship of the RCW588 in ’89. Additionally, each bike wears a commemorative 125-year crest on its seat.

Aside from those differences, this limited edition model is essentially identical in performance and features to the standard model. Each of the 125 Norton V4CR 588s will go on sale for around $62,500 USD and buyers have the option to fit the bike with a racing exhaust at an additional cost. Norton is taking orders now and while I don’t expect they’re flying out the doors at that price, I’m sure they’ll sell out before the end of the year.


Norton V4CR 588 Special Edition